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Fuzhou Risen Electronics Co., Ltd., located in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, is a professional manufacturing enterprise specializing in producing and selling LED Lights, like components and light sources. With 10 years of experience in LED manufacturing industry, now Risen has our own plant and modernized production workshop, equipped with advanced producing equipment: KAIJO, K&S, ASM, SAMSUNG, SUNEAST, etc.Our company has well-equipped labs and the ability of the unique development for image, structure,thermal management,optical and power development.So far, our products have achieved a number of technology patents and CCC, CE and UL & DLC certifications. Also they are compliance with RoHS. Now the goods are the products approved and designated by Chinese government. RISEN LED brings a plethora of services to the table with only two objectives in mind: to supply you with whatever resource possible to win the project, and to provide a service and product that is unparalleled.  We strive to exceed your expectations and with so many benefits to being our partner! Certificate & Qualification
Our company is characterized by genuinely global and cultural diversity. We have employees, customers and partners in almost every continent. Together we form a unique network. It is characterized by the exchange of knowledge, intercultural cooperation and individual development opportunities. As a global company and local citizen we maintain an intense social dialogue. We gain ideas and insights, and we encourage understanding and trust. Particularly important to us is the promotion of education and science. We are in close contact to relevant universities and colleges in the world. Our customers are the start and end point of all our actions. We want to provide our customers with unique products to improve their quality of life (lighting for life) and with perceptible added value (value added lighting). Our product price-performance ratio for our current and future customers is the focus our product development. In dealing with our customers we are authentic, clear, precise and definite.
We want to be the leading manufacturer of innovative LED High bay lighting solutions. We want to be perceived as the world’s leading brand for LED High bay lighting. We will achieve this through excellence in products, excellence in processes and excellence in application management.To create unique high bay lighting products which add an appreciable value to the lives of our customers.We respect our competitors and welcome any comparison of our products. In the competition we want to stand out through better and unique products. Where necessary, we will cooperate with our competitors.
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