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High Bay Led Light Fittings
High Bay Led Light Fittings High Bay Led Light Fittings
200W High Bay Led Light Fittings
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Warehouse High Bay Lighting

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Product Description

200W High Bay Led Light Fittings 130LM/W 

high bay light fittings

Specification Sheets

    Model number       Voltage(V)      Wattage(W)      Lumens(lm)           CCT(K)            CRI       Beam Angle       Dimension(L*W*H)

   RSML-200W-034     AC90-305V           200                 24000                 2700-6500          80         45/60/90/120      332×536×67     

  24,000 – 26,000 lumen output

  Utilizes high brightness LEDs, 80 CRI at 3000K, 4000K and 6500K typical

  90-305 volt and 180-528 volt available

  Preinstalled Hook makes LED Bay Light installation easy. Use a drop chain or direct bolt. Simple replacement for existing lights or for new installation.
  Aluminum Housing with high tech Heat Sink protects the LED Driver.
  UL listed for safety and DLC for energy rebates.
  ML High Bay Light is the latest in LED technology. Smaller, longer lasting and more efficient LED high bay lighting.


 ● Supermarket, Warehouse,and general lighting applications utilizing advanced LED reflective optical system.

 ● Easy Installation LED Bay Light.

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