Requirements for Sports Hall Lighting 13 Jul 2017

Talking about sports hall lighting, we should be very familiar with. They are places that we go every week to get entertainment and exercise, like basketball, badminton, volleyball, gymnastics, etc. But do you know there are precise lighting requirements for the places where people take sports activities. The lights allow players to see plainly to ensure the safety during doing sports exercise.

Importantly, the lighting model used will be determined by the size of the hall and the installation height of the light.

Usually the lights will be installed on the ceiling in rows. And the space and number of lights will be decided by the lux needed on the floor.

For entertainment, usually 300-500lus required. For competitions, usually 800-1200lux required. Meanwhile,different beam angles of the light affect the lighting performance. When the installation height is very high(above 10m), then narrow beam angle needed to make sure more lights will reach floor level. When the installation is 6-8 meters, then the wide beam angle is suitable. Our modular high bay light with 20/30/45/60/90/120 degree beam angle for options can meet different lighting requirements of the hall. Pls refer:

Secondly, we need to consider the color temperature that will be used. Light emission characteristics of a white light source are often expressed by a "color temperature" and is measured in K (Kelvin). If you have the experience, you will know that 5000K lamp will make you feel more like natural daylight. Moreover, there is a reason for standardizing on a color temperature and that is consistent look! If more than one fixture is in an area and they are in different color temperatures, then it will look inconsistent both looking at the lights and on the illuminated target area. Then people will feel uncomfortable when doing activities in it. Different countries have different preference on the color temperature. This is due to their climate environment.But according to our experience, most of them are between 4000K-5700K 200W LED High Bay Light for their sports hall lighting.

Thirdly, Anti-Glare is an very import issue when taking into consideration. People will feel bad when looking directly to the lights that with high glare value. It is because too much strong light into their eyes.Therefore, RISEN original design Modular High Bay Light with frosted glass to avoid this problem.

Therefore, if you have any sports lighting project, do not hesitate to contact us! We will offer you satisfied solution project by project.

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